Certum SSL Certificates

CERTUM – Specializing in Digital Signatures

CERTUM was founded in Poland back in 1998 and has grown into the country's top Certificate Authority, in addition to becoming one of the world's most trusted international CAs. Offering a full line of SSL Certificates, available in DV and OV as well as with wildcard options, the company also specializes in digital signatures, providing Email and Document Signing Certificates at the Individual, Professional and Enterprise levels. If you’re looking for affordable SSL or Email Signing options, CERTUM is a great route to go.

SSL Benefits

Fast Issuance within 3-5 minutes

Price Match 100% Guarantee

Free SSL 90-day for free

Money Back 30-day guarantee

CERTUM Certificates

CERTUM Basic ID Certificate

$6.44 USD Yearly

CERTUM Professional ID

$14.24 USD Yearly

CERTUM Enterprise ID

$30.43 USD Yearly

Certum Commercial SSL

$11.70 USD Yearly

CERTUM Commercial SSL WildCard

$76.70 USD Yearly


$62.40 USD Yearly