GGSSL Certificates

Domain SSL Certificate

GGSSL Domain SSL certificate is our SSL brand powered by our friends. Domain SSL provides standard 2048-bit with a complete SHA-256 hash algorithm. SSL comes with a green lock that appears inside Address Bar to ensure visitors the website protects all sensitive data with strong encryption. It is suitable for small and medium websites, start-ups, mail servers and other online projects.
The validation process is quite easy as requires no documents, that makes it possible to get issued SSL within 4-5 minutes once domain ownership completed via one of the methods via e-mail, HTTP/HTTPS, DNS CNAME or via META tag. SSL certificate secures both with/without WWW, and it has unlimited server licensing and unlimited free reissues. We guarantee 30-day money refund for any reason.

Multi-Domain SSL

GGSSL Multi-Domain SSL certificate supports up to 200 additional SAN items. No more need to use multiple SSL certificates, work with many CSR's and Private keys as well as with many IP addresses for your infrastructure and large projects, as now it is possible to protect everything at once.
It is possible to use Multi-Domain SSL for projects with local region websites, mail servers or any other purposes. You can secure multiple websites instead of Wildcard products that secure sub-domains under same base domain only.

GGSSL Wildcard SSL Certificate

GGSSL Wildcard SSL certificate is the cheapest product with the unlimited sub-domain support we sell. It has support for a base domain and all its next-level sub-domains. It is possible to install SSL to as many servers and devices as you want for free. We allow unlimited free Reissues during SSL validity period.
It is a smart solution to save money securing multiple subdomains. Wildcard certificates are popular to use for mail servers but we recommend to use Multi-domain (UCC) certificates. Please note it is possible to secure * or *, but not *.* (double wildcards).